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Exalted RotSE - Infernals by gryphflame Exalted RotSE - Infernals by gryphflame
The bad guy cast from our recently completed Return of the Scarlet Empress campaign, designed as the oldest and most badass coven of Infernals out there. I think we ended up killing all of them, but it wasn't friggin' easy. Since I have so many pictures, I'm going to be doing a lot of big dumps like this.

Desdinova (with the hat): Scourge, Sacheverell favoured. Reasonably insane philosophic-y type, focused on being without limits. Fell madly in love with our dragonblooded party member, with mixed results.

Vanion (the little guy with horns): A magical construct made by the Defiler, likes Hell, his master, and The Ladies. About the size of a cat, spoke in a very deep voice.

Orateh (wears no shirt): Defiler, Oramus favoured. Charming, attractive, and devious 'til the end. He had lots more plans, but his literal deal with the devil ended up being his undoing. Broke the laws of physics as a hobby, and almost singlehandedly ended the world by releasing Oramus.

Savita (who is lounging): Originally a Malefactor, She Who Lives In Her Name favoured. Later invented her own caste, with Cecelyne and She Who Lives In Her Name favoured. Pulled a Starscream and decided to take over Creation for herself, and was about one fifth of the way there by the end of the game. Really, really megalomaniacal; when she had to think of the coolest thing to make her new anima banner, she made it a giant version of herself.

Sei (disguised) and Sei (not disguised): Fiend, Adorjan favoured. Evil lesbian drug ninja calligrapher, addicted to sex, smoking and lying. Mind- and date-raped our party's Abyssal, and when you have all the players feeling sorry for the world-destroying monster you know you're doing something really bad.

Jormungondr (with the beard): Slayer, Isidoros favoured. The scary big bad who singlehandedly ripped the Bull of the North apart when we first met him. Wielded a giant corrupted soulsteel mace with a strength requirement of about fourteen. He killed my Dawn caste in the final game... but she got better.

All character designs were collaborative efforts between myself and my ST :)
lexiface Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2011
Vanion! <3

And yes, we killed all of them. Des was killed by Seiya + Lin, Orateh and Sei were finished off by Maiden, Vanion and Savita were finished by the collective efforts of the party, and Jormungondr... well, I think you know who finished HIM off. ;)
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